Basic Knowledge of Leather

There are many types of leather. In the market, we can often see leather/pigskin / sheepskin/deerskin / rabbit skin, etc.. Also according to the each leather's different characteristics, tanning and cutting methods, the prices vary greatly.

By Cutting Mthod:

  1. Whole hide: Whole cowhide, not being cut.
  2. Side: A half of whole hide.
  3. Double Shoulder: Head and neck, the cowhide fibers are thicker.
  4. Double Culatta: In addition to head and hack, using range is wild, using for the belt / shoes / bags and other production.
  5. Belly: Softer, good extensibility, they are commonly used in small leather goods.
  6. Back: The side removed belly, applying to the bag body and belts.
  7. Double Bend: Most belt factory is using now, because the leather is square, it will reduce the production loss, the price will be higher.
  8. Bend: Thicker, more commonly used in shoe factories. Other kinds of leather, because of the smaller size, are sold in whole, without additional cutting.

By Cutting Mthod

Carved leather grades, different origin is also different.

By Origin Country:

  • Central and South America: The most common is the cow carvings which produced in Central and South America, because of the large number of cow. To manage conveniently, the cows from Central and South America generally are marked the sign. In addition, the bodies of these cows are easy to breed insects, therefore, these cowhide are easy to leave inset spots.Central and South America
  • Nordic: Because it is not a lot of breeding and better feeding technology, there are few brand on the cow's body and few inset spots, cowhide look like relatively cleaner and more beautiful. Because of the lower temperatures, these cowhide are thicker, the price is relatively more expensive. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other famous leather goods brand are both adopting these cowhide.Nordic

By Tanning Mehod:

  • Veg-Tanned: Good quality carved leather adopt the Veg-Tanned approach. This approach is based on extracting the tannic acid from pants to tan leather, leather itself will be exudes a touch of leather aroma. After the treatment, the leather gather good water absorption and are easy to process.Veg-Tanned
  • Chrome-Tanned: The method of the invention only after the industrial revolution is based on tanning leather by chromium sulfate. The leather tanned in this method must combine with dyeing. So these leather on the market have been processed in color, they are used in clothes leather shoes or interior renovation. The range of using is extensive.Chrome-Tanned

Through above introduction, have you understand the leather basically?.There are also many rarity leather, such as snakeskin, alligator, ostrich, lizard skin, etc. Due to they are used less, we do not introduce here.

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