The Raw Hides

A rawhide consists of three parts: head and shoulders, abdomen and buttocks. There are different fibrous structures in the area: rough shoulders, loose belly, and strong buttocks. Leather products need to be made a satisfactory area. In the skin cross-section, we can find the epidermis-dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

The Raw Hides

The leather is a layer that we need for leather production. Therefore, we need to first get rid of unused parts and keep the useful parts stable. Then we need to provide the dermis with the required softness, color, density and other special properties. This change is called tanning. When the leather is dry and clean, we give the surface decoration and protection. This will make the leather useful and suit the requirements of the finished leather product.

Conservation of raw hides:

*Air dry
*Wet salted (Brine cured)
*Wet white
*Wet blue

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